Stafford County, VA County Workers' Compensation Attorney

The Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act provides a legal framework to compensate injured workers for job-related injuries. It was designed to ensure that workers and their families are properly cared for and compensated following workplace injuries. If you live in Stafford County, VA, please contact Virginia Workers' Compensation Diane McNamara today at (703) 369-0100!

Stafford County, Virginia County Workers' Compensation Attorney

Workplace injuries can occur in any profession. While many work-related injuries occur at factories and construction sites, other workers are not immune. Learn more about Workers' Compensation in Virginia.

Virginia Workers' Compensation Representative Cases

A career firefighter was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder after 20 years of exposure to serious injuries and fatalities. The claim was originally filed as an injury, but was rejected by the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission. The claim was subsequently filed as an occupational disease claim. For the first time, the Supreme Court of Virginia recognized the compensability of post traumatic stress disorder as an occupational disease. - View more Virginia Workers' Compensation Cases

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