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The Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act provides a legal framework to compensate injured workers for job-related injuries. It was designed to ensure that workers and their families are properly cared for and compensated following workplace injuries.

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Attorney Diane McNamara has been practicing law for over 26 years and has helped countless injured workers recover for their injuries. Diane McNamara takes great pride in helping accident victims reestablish their former quality of life and ensuring that they receive medical treatment for their injuries. Learn more about Virginia Workers' Compensation Attorney Diane McNamara.

Virginia Workers' Compensation - King George County, VA:

There is a wide range of injuries that affect employees of any profession. Some injuries are severe resulting in permanent disability, paralysis, or even death. Common job-related injuries include:

  • Back injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Rotator cuff tears, shoulder injuries
  • Torn Meniscus, ACL tears, and other knee injuries
  • and more

Virginia Workers' Compensation - Representative Clients:

A neonatal nurse rushed to attend to a baby whose monitor was on alert. The nurse slipped and fell on the unusually slick hospital floor and injured both wrists, her knee, neck, and back. The insurer accepted the claim for selected injuries, but denied other injuries. The insurer also claimed that the nurse was earning significantly less money than she was at the time of her injury, resulting in undercompensation... more

Representative Clients

A steam roller operator engaged in a work related argument with his foreman dismounted the roller without shutting the engine off. The machine rolled over his leg, fracturing his tibia. The employee’s negligent failure to shut the steam roller engine off after dismounting did not prevent recovery because it did not amount to willful misconduct. Read More

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