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The Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act provides a legal framework to compensate injured workers for job-related injuries. It was designed to ensure that workers and their families are properly cared for and compensated following workplace injuries.

A young electrician’s treatment for serious back injury was being monitored by a nurse case manager hired by the workers’ compensation carrier.  The treating doctor documented complaints concerning the nurse case manager’s interference with his treatment plan.  Attorney McNamara requested a hearing before the Workers’ Compensation Commission seeking to remove the nurse case manager from the claim.  When it was time to go to court, the nurse case manager claimed she was unable to attend the scheduled hearing due to sudden family emergency.  Attorney McNamara opposed the insurer’s request for continuance.  After considering arguments made by Attorney McNamara, the insurer voluntarily removed the nurse case manager without further intervention by the Commission.  The injured electrician received years of treatment thereafter at the expense of the insurer, before his claim was settled.

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A flight attendant sustained sudden, permanent loss of hearing as a result of change in cabin pressure that occurred during ascent of an aircraft.  The insurer denied the claim on grounds that it was a gradual, cumulative injury resulting from repetitive trauma and therefore, not covered under the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act.  The employer also asserted alternatively that the claim was barred by the flight attendant’s willful misconduct because she flew with…

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