For Clients

Taking time to adequately prepare and compile important documents and information can help move your case towards recovery in the most efficient manner possible.  Please help Diane better serve you by filling out the Information Sheet and bringing the items listed below to your first appointment.

What to Bring to Your First Appointment:

  1. All Medical Documents
  2. All Pay Stubs for one year prior to the accident
  3. Documents from the Insurer
  4. Documents from the Workers’ Compensation Commission

Articles of Interest

The following articles of interest provide valuable insight into the risks and dangers associated with workplace injuries and problems frequently encountered in the pursuit of just compensation for such injuries.

Positional Risk v. Actual Risk Arising Out of Employment

Written By: Dianne McNamara In order to obtain workers’ compensation benefits in Virginia, an injured worker must prove that the injury “arose out of an actual risk” of employment. It is not enough to show you were injured at work, i.e., … Read More
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Dramatic Video Gives Rare Look At Death on the Job in America:

Man Who Died in a Clothes Dryer Highlights Shortcomings of Federal Safety Agency “The chilling video of a Tulsa, Oklahoma man being pulled to his death in an industrial clothes dryer provides a rare look at a hidden national tragedy: more Americans… Read More
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Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire

March 25, 2011, marks the centennial of New York City’s infamous Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire. It is believed that a cutter lighting a cigarette carelessly tossed a match into a rag bin, igniting the fire. In 18 minutes, 145 garment workers… Read More
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Salinas Chiropractor Arrested for Workers' Comp Fraud

Two plant managers and a “company doctor” were arrested during a factory investigation in Salinas, California, following a complaint that alleged that workers were being discouraged from filing workers’ compensation claims for injuries sust… Read More
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Company couldn’t cut disabled worker’s benefits, so it ‘went rogue’ and had him arrested, lawyer says

In 2003, after Mario Seguro-Suarez fell 18 feet head-first onto the concrete floor of his Lincolnton workplace, his employer and its insurance carrier acknowledged that his disabling brain injury qualified him for workers’ compensation benefits. Co… Read More
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Chicago News Cooperative

A Thriving Industry Built on Low-Compensated Temp Workers Staffed by about 150,000 workers, the Chicago port industry is one of the area’s few booming blue-collar industries. But unlike earlier blue collar jobs, which once promised a secure middle-… Read More
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A World of Hurt

Exams of Injured Workers Fuel Mutual Mistrust Independent medical examiners hired and paid for by insurance companies to “flush out workers who exaggerate injuries or get unnecessary care,” have recently called into question the neutrality of suc… Read More
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